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Overwhelmed Planning Your Special Day? W.I.N. Virtual Bridal Expo has the Answer

What if you could have fun online while meeting vendors and making important decisions?

Wednesday, April 21. You can do all this and more!!! W.I.N. Virtual Bridal Expo is the answer to reducing your stress while meeting the ideal vendors for your special occasion. Specializing in weddings, this unique virtual experience, scheduled for April 29 from 7-8:30 pm, appeals to everyone who wants their special day to be perfect. Who wants to run around meeting musicians, catering facilities, event planners, florists and limousines? What if there was one place you could go to interact, that was online and enjoyable, all at the same time?

W.I.N. Virtual Bridal Expo

The Story Behind this Unique Group:

The pandemic has resulted in many pivots and changes in business. To the event industry, the challenge of staying in business and riding out this difficult time has been an overriding nightmare. Out of this was born W.I.N. Bridal Virtual Expo, a special group of vendors who came together to save their businesses and bring the best to those seeking to create their most memorable occasions.

Who are the founders? There are 7 dedicated individuals, who love their businesses and are excited about making others happy. Here are their own stories

Josie Michelle Events – Josenny Tineo and Michelle Peralta: Related by blood and inspired by a family member, both had a love for planning parties and holiday celebrations for family and friends. Thanksgiving wouldn’t be just about turkey and pie for them. They would send formal invitations and plan an itinerary packed with entertainment and surprises. They would decorate and prepare a huge feast with a beautiful presentation.

W.I.N. Virtual Bridal Expo

Their family always loved what they planned and they would end up planning celebrations in their homes too. Their mission is to celebrate life, spread joy and help others dream big. This drives all the work they do, whether it’s planning an event, doing community projects or supporting their team. This makes their work incredibly fulfilling and they are grateful for every day of their journey.

W.I.N. Virtual Bridal Expo

DH2 Transportation – Mike Vargas: With a Town Car and a Dream, he started the company in May 1995. He found a great passion for the transportation industry when he and his wife, Nancy Vargas, now CEO of the company, were engaged to be married. They attended a few bridal shows and were excited to visit limousine companies to secure their limousine. Very quickly they realized that they didn’t feel the warm fuzzy feeling due to a very impersonal way of doing business. So, a year after they were married, Mike decided to open his business to serve his clients with professionalism, reliability and the human experience which has been the secret of their success!

W.I.N. Virtual Bridal Expo

Ceremonies by Nancy – Nancy Vargas: Nancy has been a Non-Denominational Wedding Officiant for over 18 years. When she was approached by her clients that were seeking a bi-lingual (English/Spanish) Wedding Officiant and was asked if she could personally officiate their ceremony, Nancy immediately said she was not the candidate to do so. However, her husband Mike noticed that she was declining one too many times and brought to her attention that she has a special gift to connect with her clients and to look into becoming a Wedding Officiant. After careful consideration, she became Ordained as an Interfaith Minister and Registered and Licensed to perform wedding ceremonies.

W.I.N. Virtual Bridal Expo

Pure Rhythm Entertainment – Robert Paulino: Robert’s love for music started at a very young age. He credits his mother for putting him to sleep with a radio next to him when he was a newborn. He was born in the Dominican Republic and came to the U.S at the age of 6. At an early age (10 yrs old), his family would always get together on the Weekends and have somewhat of a house party. He soon became the “DJ” playing whatever records or cassettes they had on-site. At age 23, he got a job working in a record store (a DJ’s dream job) when a promoter asked to see him at a club he was promoting. He was lucky enough to be asked to play for 30 min, and the main DJ of the club quickly asked the promoter to hire him. For the next 20 years or so, he has had the pleasure of playing in every major Night club in New York City, three major FM stations, playing next to big-name DJ’s and got to travel to different states and countries to play his music collection. He has played for crowds ranging from 25 people to over 300,000. Years later, He started his own Company Called Pure Rhythm Entertainment and caters to providing DJ Entertainment for Weddings, Sweet 16’s and Corporate events.

W.I.N. Virtual Bridal Expo

JS Visions – Photography and Cinematography – Jose Serrano: My first job in the wedding photography industry was in 1997. I was in college, it never crossed my mind that I would ever end up earning a living as a photographer. After two, three months as a wedding photographer assistant I realized the importance of our job. We were capturing people’s happiest moments of their lives! A few years later I became a photographer, I can still remember that day like it was yesterday, the feeling of holding a camera in my hands and loving the power it gave me to capture moments that future generations would be able to look back upon. Photography is more than earning a living, is my passion!

W.I.N. Virtual Bridal Expo

TechACS, Juan Vides: Born in El Salvador, Juan came to the United States with his mother and father when he was 4. They were escaping violence. He became an American citizen when he was 17. He fell in love with computers in 1983 when his father bought him an Atari. He loved video games and especially the graphics. His degree in Computer Programming came in handy when he first designed a website because he lost his wallet while on vacation in Boston. He eventually started his own company which employees 20 people. From designing websites to Search Engine Optimization, Juan has created over 1,000 websites. He considers himself very fortunate to follow his passion and love for computers, and run a successful business.

W.I.N. Virtual Bridal Expo

Let Your Party begin:

Attending WIN Bridal on April 29 is an event in of itself. It includes: breakout rooms with vendors, games with prizes and a fast, fun 1 ½ that will take away the stress of planning your big day. What better way to meet quality, dedicated business-people who want to ensure that your event fulfills your dreams? Visit W.IN. Bridal Expo website at:

Register today and don’t miss this opportunity to meet the people who will make your event the best and most memorable day of your life.

If you would like to be considered as a Participating Vendor or Sponsor of this incredible virtual and unique expo, contact Nancy Vargas immediately to discuss your unique value.