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Our Mission

DH2 Chauffeured Transportation offers our passengers the highest standards of professionalism exemplified by our “client first” focus on unsurpassed attention to detail. We are early adapters of impactful technology. We increase the value we bring to customers by reducing risks and expenses associated with travel.  Our goal is to consistently delight our clients with every aspect of our service, everywhere in the world.

As a MWBE Certified company, DH2 exemplifies the priority for diversity and inclusion of our partners and employees. Our company philosophy is that “Good is not enough. Excellence with everything we do.” This is demonstrated by our commitment to our employees, partners, and community. This philosophy has been the key to our success for over 25 years! 


Nancy Vargas, CEO

Chief Executive Officer, Nancy Vargas is a native New Yorker with an initial corporate background. Nancy’s entrepreneurial spirit took her talents and skills to build the infrastructure of DH2 Chauffeured Transportation. As a woman in a traditionally male-dominated industry, Nancy dedicates her time to empowering, inspiring, and educating other women in business. Through her leadership, DH2 Chauffeured Transportation has become MWBE Certified with New York City and NY State, The Port Authority of NY/NJ, and Nassau County. She has expanded the business into new market segments such as Airline Flight Crew Shuttle Service, Government Contracting, Construction Mobility, and Worldwide Service. Nancy has implemented the most innovative technology to provide the utmost efficiency in her organization.

As an active community leader, she serves on the Board of The JFK Rotary Club and is an active member of The JFK and The Queens Chamber of Commerce as well as The Long Island Hispanic Chamber. She actively also serves in her industry as Co-Chair of the National Limousine Association Women Leadership Council, a Board Member of The Long Island Transportation Association, and The Limousine Association of New York. Her recent accolades are CEO of the Year, Transportation Women of the Year, and Business Woman of the Year. While keeping the mission of empowering business owners, Nancy is available for speaking engagements to educate and inform Best Practices with Entrepreneurs, MWBE organizations, and other civic organizations.

DH2 Chauffeured Transportation - Nancy Vargas


Mike Vargas, Founder and COO

Chief Operating Officer & Founder, Mike Vargas with the purchase of his first Town Car, founded DH2 Chauffeured Transportation in 1995. With his extensive experience as a tenured leader, he is responsible for the overall operations of DH2 Chauffeured Transportation. His great passion for the transportation industry together with an emphasis on solid leadership has helped him build his company with integrity. As an expert in ground transportation, he shares his advanced skill set on tri-state regulations, routes, and compliance to keep DH2 as an industry-leading ground transportation service provider. Under his direction, DH2 Chauffeured Transportation utilizes the best risk management software in the industry, providing multi-tier tracking for the safety of our clients and continued training of our chauffeurs.

DH2 Chauffeured Transportation - Mike Vargas

Meet the Team


DH2 Chauffeured Transportation - Mike Vargas
Ken Pischel
DH2 Chauffeured Transportation - Mike Vargas
Alba Santiago
Financial Controller
DH2 Chauffeured Transportation - Mike Vargas
Karina Bermeo
DH2 Chauffeured Transportation - Mike Vargas
Amaurys Guerrero
Operations Manager
DH2 Chauffeured Transportation - Mike Vargas
Stephanie Hernández
Human Resources
DH2 Chauffeured Transportation - Mike Vargas
Daniel Orozco
Fleet Manager


Office Support

DH2 Chauffeured Transportation - Mike Vargas
Dayana Soza
Lead Dispatcher
James Bermudez
Lead Dispatcher
DH2 Chauffeured Transportation - Mike Vargas
Diego Romero
CSR & Sales Support
María Fernanda Peña
DH2 Chauffeured Transportation - Mike Vargas
Francis Corea
Marketing Assistant
DH2 Chauffeured Transportation - Mike Vargas
Ben Holden
Social Media Account Manager
Gilberto Velez
Sales Associate
Emily Dupoux
Sales Strategist
Stephanie Carnes
Procurement Coordinator
Wilson Loaiza
Roberto Rodríguez
Office Coordinator