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Sometimes Taking the Easier Way is the Smart Way

I get it. Lots of us were raised in families that believed in the philosophy of “we can do it ourselves” Our elders strove to make us self-reliant and independent, and I agree wholeheartedly that these are terrific qualities to have.

During this current Pandemic doing it ourselves became even more important as finding resources for specific tasks became increasingly more difficult, and we found that we had to learn skills that we never thought we’d have to master.

Like cooking for instance! Some of us (not me, by the way), fully enjoyed having most of our meals in restaurants, and learning the skills that were required to create a fine dining experience at home was something we ever planned on doing.

But when restaurants were forced to close and dining out was considered “risky” behavior, learning to cook rose to the top of our “to-do” list. And thesame was true for other things that we didn’t do before.

So, with that being said, let me be the first to tell you that you CAN take yourself to the airport. The truth is some of you have probably done that more times than you care to remember because you also remember this:

Dealing with traffic

There’s a traffic gremlin at work when you head to the airport, because just as you start out there always seems to be an accident somewhere along the way. I’m not saying that at DH2 we can eliminate the possibility of encountering traffic problems, but our dispatchers and vast experience navigating the highways and sideroads keeps us in the know, and able to plan alternate routes if need be.

Navigating the airport property

Did you ever miss your terminal entirely? Yep, so have many of our customers, especially when they find themselves caught up with thinking about where to find parking, while at the same time reading all of the road signs and staying clear of the other vehicles that don’t seem to know where they are going.

Getting from the parking garage to the terminal

Now that you have your parking space, you need to get your luggage out of your car and begin the walk to the terminal, and while most travelers use roller boards these days, it isn’t fun to have to traverse the garage and cross the roadway with your luggage in tow, especially in inclement weather.

Does all of this sound stressful? It is, but you have options.

Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, your trip should start the very moment you step out of your front door.

The idea is to relax and let us assist you with the first leg of your journey, that being the trip to the airport!

This just may be one of those circumstances when doing it yourself might not be the best way. Our way is easier and smarter too!


Nancy Vargas in collaboration with Adrian Miller (A’s Net)