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How to Enjoy Your Travels During the Holidays

Travel is BACK!  Flights are full and people are once again setting their sights on visiting friends and family in the US and overseas. Vacation plans that were put off during the last 20 months are being cautiously revisited.

But travel isn’t exactly the same. There are new rules and regulations that must be followed and will require a few extra steps as you prepare for your trip.

Most importantly, the travel situation can change quickly, and it’s important to monitor the situation up to the day you’re due to fly.

The following are “common-sense” safety precautions that will serve you well as we navigate the “new normal” found in air travel:

Wear a mask. Airlines require that travelers over the age of 2 must wear a mask that covers their mouth and nose. You must wear a mask for the duration of the flight, from boarding until you exit the plane. As we know, this is for your own safety and the safety of others. Wearing a mask when you feel a cold coming on or are sneezing and coughing due to an allergy makes good sense, regardless of the pandemic.

Use hand sanitizer. It’s a sound idea to practice good “hand hygiene” and you can also go one step further by wiping down your tray, the arms of your seat, the seat belt buckle, and the touch screen.  This helps the spread of germs and should be SOP even when Covid is no longer an “issue.”

If you are traveling abroad, check your travel documents carefully and familiarize yourself with the travel requirements that have been put in place by your destination country. Depending on where you are traveling you may need to get a Covid test before leaving the United States, and once again before you head back to the US. The requisite information can be found online and when in doubt, check with a travel agent.

Domestic Travel


International travel


Leave ample time to get to the airport. With the increased crowds during the holiday season and Covid protocols in place getting though security might take a bit longer. Leave enough time and you can relax and chill at the gate. At DH2 we are on top of the traffic situation on the roads and at the airports and we make certain to never cut it too close!

Last year we couldn’t do much travel, but this year is different. If you pay attention to your wellbeing and safety, you should be able to have a wonderful trip.


Credits: Adrian Miller