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Where Are You Headed for The Holidays?

The holidays are here and after a year in which travel was curtailed, we seem to be,
once again, making plans to visit with friends and family, near and far.
Some of us will return to the skies and make our way to other states and countries,
and still others will decide that a quiet “staycation” is the best way to celebrate and
wind down the year.

Regardless of where you are headed, we know that what is top of mind for
everyone when it comes to their transportation options is safety, confidence, and
yes, comfort. And, given the stress and uncertainty of the past 20 months, a little
luxury is completely understandable, too.

If your plans include taking a flight, let us suggest the following:
Leave enough time to get to the airport. Traffic around the New York Metro area is
typically busy, but at the holiday times it is even more so. Cutting it close will
leave you agitated and concerned about missing your flight. And it’s not only the
traffic that can cause delays. Security and Covid protocols at the airport are
making. things move a bit slower as well. At DH2 we are focused on getting our
clients to the airport with enough time for them to get to the gate without running
(!) and have the opportunity to relax before boarding. If you intend to drive
yourself, and I admit that wouldn’t be my recommendation, take our word for it
and leave extra time.

There are many ways to get to the airport but there is no way as comfortable as
sitting back in a clean, well-appointed vehicle and letting someone else do the
driving. Getting to and from the airport is an integral part of your trip and in some
cases will set the tone for what comes afterward. Consider the time and frustration
of using some of the other modes of transportation, and think about the peace of
mind, comfort and confidence that comes from having a limousine bring you to
your terminal.

If you are planning to do a staycation or your holiday visiting is local, a limousine
is just the thing to make the entire experience feel special and memorable. A night
out in Manhattan with dinner and a show capped off by a limo ride home can be
very special as is going to a party at a friend’s house without worrying about how
you’re going to get home. These types of “indulgences” not only feel good, but
provide you with safety, too.

Because DH2 is located at JFK we have our fingers on the pulse of what is going
on at the airport. We are aware of the ins and outs of construction and traffic delays
and can ensure everything will go smoothly on either end of your travels.
Isn’t peace of mind and confidence what you want during the holiday season?
Our best to all of you and may the year ahead be happy, healthy, and bright!