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COVID-19 Safety Protocol

The safety of DH2’s passengers, employees and corporate partners are our #1 Priority. DH2 is taking steps to proactively safeguard our operations. The most important thing we can all do is to educate ourselves on the risk of COVID19 and how to best protect yourself and others.

Given the crisis of COVID19, DH2 Chauffeured Transportation has taken significant Safety Measures to protect the level of security of our clients and chauffeurs. Be Moved By Us!!

The safety and protection of our clients and chauffeurs is our #1 Priority.  Please be informed our our new Safety Protocol we have implemented in light of the dangers of this pandemic:

  • We have removed all printed materials from the seat-back pockets
  • We are not offering bottled water except if requested
  • Our newly professionally trained drivers are furnished with hand sanitizers, masks and gloves for best safety practice
  • There will be limited touching points during the execution of each ride; Airports- Chauffeurs will pick up curbside, passenger will place luggage in trunk and chauffeur will open door with gloves; touchless contact
  • Our entire staff including CSRs, Dispatchers, Sales, Administrative or Chauffeurs, will not be permitted to work in the event that they are not feeling well and are asked to look for medical attention
  • Our entire Fleet of Vehicles have been disinfected by the experts of the industry and we have been trained with the best disinfecting practice Pre/Post Rides; all vehicles will continue to be disinfected by our professional chauffeurs before and after each ride executed daily

Social Distancing Vehicle Standards

Additional Social Distancing Best Practice has been implemented to protect our Clients & Chauffeurs.
DH2’s #1 Priority is Safety.  We will make every effort to guarantee Social Distancing rules . 

  • Our Chauffeurs have been trained by a Third Party (PAX Chauffeur Training) which includes Best Social Distancing Standards and Practice
  • Our vehicles will have a most extreme measure of one passenger riding in a Sedan; One passenger in the back seat
  • The SUVs will have a limit of four visitors riding in the two rows in the back seat.
  • The Sprinter Vans will have a limit of nine passengers riding in staggered rows
  • The GM33 Shuttle Buses will have a limit of twenty passengers riding in staggered rows

These rules and measures are liable to change as new data on this pandemic is found. We attempt to ensure our reactions and guidelines identified with COVID-19 are mindful, estimated and dependent on ongoing authentic data from our administrative and nearby governments.

We esteem our business relationship and welcome the opportunity to serve you at whatever point you are ready to be moved by us!  DH2 is READY and OPEN for Business.

By maintaining the highest levels of basic hygienic practices to our routines, we can greatly minimize the impact of COVID-19 and keep things running as normally as possible in the weeks and months to come. We appreciate the understanding of our clients and partners as we take these measures to enhance the safety of our operations.

Sincerely yours,

Nancy Vargas